Final Round of EBEC 2017 is heading to Brno

After last years’ journey to Belgrade, we are now heading to beautiful Brno to witness the final round of the 9th edition of the prestigious engineering competition for students – EBEC. This summer we will experience great enthusiasm and ingenuity of competitors from all over Europe in an amazing city saturated with students’ life and energy.

After the successful closing of local rounds, everything just begins for the winning teams, that are now getting ready for regional rounds, as well as for local BEST group Brno, that has to go on with preparations for the Final! In the beginning of March, international teams of BEST members visited us during our Short Intensive Meeting to check out the spaces where the event is going to take place, help us to test and discuss some of the tasks and taste a little bit of Czech culture too.

EBEC Final 2017 Brno

BEST Brno and international teams don’t know what “sleep” means nowadays. Fifteen international organisers, EBEC team, Topic Group and many more are taking care of the perfect running of this incredible project. Corporate Relations Group is intensively working on partnerships with companies so we can make this event grand and unforgettable!

Our promising competitors are showing their skills at regional rounds until 25th of May at the moment, and after that the best 120 participants will be chosen to proceed to the final round, where only one team from each of two categories will become the very winner.

And what’s next? We will continue with superhuman attitude, because the date is uncompromisingly approaching us and there is still a lot of work to do, but you can just lean back and wait for awesomeness to come to central Europe this summer!

Author: Bianka Trencanova