Second day of the adventure in Brno

The adventure continues in Brno for the second day of the competition! Case Study created the idea of a smart home and Team Design built a box transporting vehicle.

Team Design teams got the chance to show what they are worth on the presentations of their task solutions. Each team had two minutes to present their solution and four to make the created vehicle lift three boxes and move them through an obstacle course.
In order to make the task, participants have an EBEC shop and access to 3D printing. All of this provided by Alfun, Isover and Ysoft.

EBEC Final 2017 Brno

When asked what they learned from the task, team Design Boys said “The most important thing that we learned in this challenge was time management. We need to manage our time more efficiently.”. The team was positive, showing their good team spirit!

As for case study, a two-part task was presented by Eaton. In the first part, participants needed to design a smart home based on smartgrids. While the second part had two options, either considering problems of the efficiency of power transmission or identifying energy aggregators for maintaining the grid frequency. The presentations were made at the end of the day leaving the jury impressed with their ideas.

To see the presentations of the teams, go to youtube @BESTorganisation.

Author: Carolina Amorim