EBEC Final – printing the future

“I think all of them are winners because they built something and it works!” said Marie Chaloupková, Chief of Engineering at Y Soft be3D, impressed with the concept of the event. When asked what they think about the partnership with EBEC Final she said “For us is a chance to see the printers in a real environment…”, “We now know how the kids will actually be modeling and how they will be using them.”.

Y Soft supplied 3D printers for the participants to use freely and be able to do even better models by printing certain pieces that they design. The team design topic for the last two days of the competition was provided by Valeo. Participants will have to design a roof rack mount that will be easily mountable by a car passenger and is robust enough to withstand the maximum acceleration of a modern car. The rack will hold the Velodyne LiDAR which is a laser sensor that emits laser rays and receives reflections from objects, such as buildings, other cars, etc.

EBEC Final 2017 Brno

The case study task was powered by Honeywell which consists of being able to understand basics of the heating system design and methods used in Machine Learning or Data Analysis to come up with a solution that is using the data from the sensors. Students liked to create a new heating system to be installed in smart homes in order for the future air conditioning system to be more efficient.

To see the presentations of the solutions provided by the students for the case study, go to our youtube page @BESTorganisation.

Author: Carolina Amorim