The ending of the competition

We have reached the final day of the competition! It’s the last opportunity for participants to prove their worth to the task partners, Valeo and Honeywell.

It was the second day for the Valeo task for Team Design and participants had to present in front of the jury from the company. The presentations consisted in being able to fit their racks in both hoods of cars with different sizes. They had a few minutes to present their idea and to change between each hood of the car. When the prototype was placed on the hood with the Velodyne LiDAR in it, the jury checked if it was high enough for the hood to not block the laser and also low enough so that it’s resistant to higher speeds.

EBEC Final 2017 Brno

While the presentations were happening in the hall, across from it there were happening the case study presentations. This day, the Case Study task was provided by the European Patent Office and it consisted of participants putting themselves in the role of an interdisciplinary team of inventors and founders of a start-up. This team had to develop ideas about a public transport system/service that would make transportation easier for people that are visually impaired. The solution had to cover the full travel from A to B and it should be safe and balance costs and travel time. Besides from that, the teams needed to find existing technical solutions on Espacenet and know what does it take to use the technology that they find. Participants found EPO’s task useful for their future since they now know how to search for patents and how they can use them.

To see the presentations of the solutions provided by the students for the Case Study and Team Design, go to our youtube page @BESTorganisation.

Author: Carolina Amorim