Engineering dream coming true

A long time ago, on the soil of Europe in heads of many an idea was born – to organize engineering competition. To help their friends and colleagues from technical faculties develop their skills, and use their wide theoretical knowledge they have in practice, for solving simulations of real engineering problems and to prepare better for their future jobs. From 2003 lots of Local BEST Engineering Competitions was conducted in Europe, and the first regional round was organized in Portugal, followed by Spain, Poland, and Belgium.

In 2009 National competitions were brought together, under the name of EBEC, and first Final round took place in Ghent. The rest is history.

Initially, there were four different categories of EBEC, but after a couple of years and feedback, Team Design and Case Study were instated as the official categories of the EBEC pyramid.

Years and years EBEC Project has continued to grow constantly, and nowadays it gathers more than 6500 students every year.

Soon, first NRRs will happen, and in July we’ll meet Europe’s best young engineers in Turin, and until that, local BEST groups are organizing local rounds of competition. This winter, engineers from Aachen, Saint Petersburg, Brussels, Madrid, Copenhagen, Brno, Budapest, designed their future.