Announcing “Humans of EBEC”

humans of ebec announcment

When you hear “European engineering competition” what is first thing that pops in your mind? Some serious people with glasses, in white coats, surrounded by wires, cables, sitting behind large monitors? Or 20-something year old students, running through halls of university, carrying piles of materials or cleaning the corridors, laughing and shouting?

First Final round of EBEC was organized in 2009 by Local BEST Group Ghent, and today we want you to meet Lucien Romagnoli – founder of EBEC and it’s first coordinator. For Lucien, EBEC represents new service for engineering students in BEST universities and it brings more focus to technical aspects of engineering studies. 2009 was the first time all LBGs organised a joint pyramid of events, bringing their winners to the same place after two rounds of competition, which was never done before. This was accomplished with support of United Nations, and it was the first time we used media to build and promote the event.

“In 2008, when late night talks about the idea raised, we could have never imagined that a 10th edition would even be possible. Congratulations to all of you” says Romagnoli.

While organizing this big event, most important thing he learnt is “Run fast alone, run far together”, and that is exactly what we are doing this ten years.

You may say we’re still kids, too young and not serious enough, or that we’re not doing it right maybe. But we are doing it our way.