Aleksandra Voronova

aleksandra voronova

Aleksandra Voronova

LBG Riga

Topic group member – EBEC Final 2011
Topic responsible – EBEC Final 2012
EBEC Project Coordinator 2013

What does EBEC mean to you?

It is my absolute favorite project in BEST! I had lots of fun while working together with amazing groups of people.

When you look back at event, what are you most proud of?

Being able to see EBEC’s growth and development over 4 years was truly amazing. But probably my favorite moments were when participants were presenting their TD or CS tasks – these were the moments to really see the hard work of everyone coming together.

How did organizing EBEC Final helped your personal development?

Organizing EBEC taught me very valuable and versatile project management and teamwork skills; I apply these sills in my professional life daily.

What is the most important thing you learned during the organization of EBEC Final?

It’s amazing how much can be done with, sometimes, very little resources as long as people are engaged and motivated.