Laura Goci

Laura Goci

LBG Cluj-Napoca

Main Organiser – EBEC LR Cluj-Napoca 2010

What does EBEC mean to you?

EBEC is one of the greatest achievements of my life, and it will always be a significant part of my life.

When you look back at event, what are you most proud of?

I am really proud of the team. I was surrounded by an incredible team of people who were always there to be at their best. Everybody involved in organising EBEC 2010 poured their heart and soul into the event. It would have been impossible without them.

How did organizing EBEC Final helped your personal development?

It helped me a lot in developing skills like Project Management and Conflict Solving as well as Management of Crisis Situations. At the moment I am a Solution Engineer for one of the biggest software companies in the world and I blame EBEC for this.

What is the most important thing you learned during the organization of EBEC Final?

That it is very important to delegate and give people the opportunity to learn by your side. That there is no problem without a solution.