Who are the BEST students in your country?

Do you remember about Local Rounds? (if not, you can read about them in this article and on our channels)

The winners of each Local Round of EBEC have the access to the National/Regional ones to be challenged again, try new experiences and feeling a lot of emotions.

What does it mean being part of a National/Regional Round?

For universities and companies it is a great chance to increase their own visibility, empower their brand and do some networking.
If you are an organising student, on the other hand, it is a wonderful moment to increase your skills, while amusing yourself and meeting new people and companies.
If you are a participant student, finally, it means you are representing your university at a national level, while having the opportunity of having fun, meeting new people and companies.

Of course, it is impossible not to mention the further possibility to work in a team, dealing with different ideas and a limited availability of means to solve a problem; to quote Marie Chaloupkova, who represented Y Soft Corporation during the Final Round of EBEC in 2017:

“I really liked it [the competition] because they have some kind of problem, some time to tackle it and I think that actually all them are winners because they built something, it works and even if it does not work this is what sometimes happens with technology”.

Despite these inspiring and profound words, there are winner teams, tough, and being the winner of a your own country, beside obviously going to the Final Round to represent it.
Right now, all the rounds are gone, who will be the aforementioned brilliant students and who will be the ones to win the title “Top students” in Europe for this edition?