Onur Ulaş Özmekik

Onur Ulaş Özmekik

LBG Istanbul

NRR Supporter – EBEC 2016

What does EBEC mean to you?

That is our huge value and more than an usual event that enables opportunities to acquire personal development, experience real teamwork daily, enhance your project and time management skills to every single person enthusiastic for EBEC. After all those things that I have carried out for EBEC, I am so grateful to be part of this tremendous project. By means of EBEC, I see Europe as my home after all unforgettable moments with my lovely friends and emotions that remind me of all the time that I had in EBEC.

When you look back at event, what are you most proud of?

I would say being able to handle a huge project together with people from the hosting LBG, international teams and any other BESTies who have contributed to EBEC.

How did organizing EBEC Final helped your personal development?

My personal development has performed incredibly and the best thing to be aware of, that is a constant development as long as striving for EBEC. I am able to take much more dynamic roles in projects, I perform very well at public speaking, I coordinate people’s work, tasks and many skills but most important I have gained huge self confidence.

What is the most important thing you learned during the organization of EBEC Final?

I would say it doesn’t matter where you come from and how long you involve in BEST, you would always have a family in EBEC as long as you devote yourself and like to join the organisation.