Vítor Morais

Vítor Morais

LBG Porto

Logistics Responsible – EBEC LR 2015
Topic Group Member – EBEC Final 2016

What does EBEC mean to you?

The biggest European competition organized by students.

When you look back at event, what are you most proud of?

The ability to organize the 2015 international evening of EBEC, without having a party place (only a back-backup plan) and without spending almost anything. I am proud of everyone that has worked like hell, and in the end, they feel that their work was rewarded with one of the most epic moments of our lives.

How did organizing EBEC Final helped your personal development?

Being part of the organization of two years of EBEC gave me the ability to control any event of my professional and personal life. All the stress before a big moment of my life is now transformed into the incoming excitement of a big accomplishment.

What is the most important thing you learned during the organization of EBEC Final?

In EBEC Final I found that the most interesting people are capable of exceeding your expectations. I just realize, as an example, that the participants are the most ingenious people capable to find brilliant solutions that nobody was expecting. If you have the right motivation, you can do anything!