EBEC is coming. Is everything ready?

Right now, you should know a lot of information about EBEC, the local rounds, the national rounds and  the “humans” who have been part of it, but what does the Final Round of EBEC mean from a closer look?

If we think about it, now less than 20 days are missing to the event and people from the whole network are still working on it. More than 80 students from all over Europe are dealing with exams and private life just like everyone else, but in the meanwhile they find the time to proactively organize this huge event. 

Even while I am writing this, the Media Team is managing the promotion, keeping constantly in touch with all the Local Groups, the Topic Group is testing the subjects of the competition, the FR Group is constantly communicating with the partner companies, making any possible effort to satisfy all their needs in the best possible way and all the members of BEST Turin are dealing with logistics and making sure that the Final Round of EBEC will be the most enjoyable of all times.

How is this even thinkable? How could a group of students spread over Europe gather multinational companies and 120 participants from several universities in a single, immense event while studying for exams and without even meeting in person?

The answer is easy: MOTIVATION, PROACTIVITY AND WILLINGNESS OF IMPROVING ARE OUR STRENGHTS. The history taught us that, all together, we can achieve everything and, as Filippo Di Iorio, Photographer for EBEC Final 2017 and PR Coordinator of EBEC Final 2019, said: 

“[The most important thing I learnt from EBEC is] That nothing is impossible. For example volunteers from all over Europe, organising the biggest engineering competition in the old continent. We made it possible. We are continuing to make it possible. We will make it possible forever.”

We are ready, what about you?