Alex Bellos

Alex Bellos

LBG Patras

Topic Group Member – EBEC Final 2017

What does EBEC mean to you?

There is an Engineer’s aspect – analogical thinking, mathematical reasoning, hard skills.
And there is a BESTie’s aspect – BEST spirit, always flexible, friendly and with an appetite to constantly develop soft skills.
The combination of these two aspects simply means EBEC to me.

When you look back at event, what are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of my team, Topicantes. Neither for their skills, nor the workload we had to deal with in order to deliver topics of high quality. I’m proud of them because they made me a better person. Because together we made a team that had tons of fun, enjoyed every single moment and because everyone could have seen how much we cared for each other. Once a Topicante, always a Topicante!

How did organizing EBEC Final helped your personal development?

As a Topic Group member, and more specifically as responsible for one of the Case Study topics of EBEC Final, I got the chance to work closely for more than 5 months with a big multinational company (Honeywell). In the end, apart from huge development of my project management and communication skills, I also got an internship offer from this company.

What is the most important thing you learned during the organization of EBEC Final?

That EBEC Final is a huge project. A project that even big, profitable companies would hesitate to undertake. However, some motivated students-volunteers, us, somehow manage to put together all kinds of resources, mix them with our awesome BEST spirit and come out with this astonishing result. Before EBEC Final, I still remember I was wondering: “But how can we possibly do that?”. Now, whenever I look back to those moments, I answer to myself: “Look what we did!”. And that’s a great lesson.