Lights, cameras, action!

Everything is ready and the Opening Ceremony of the Final Round of EBEC has come. 

Participants, Organizers, Companies and University representatives met yesterday at MAUTO, the car museum of Torino. 

The excitement is in the air and we can start to see the fruits of the hard work done so far: a wonderful location, every organizing team doing their job and well structured presentations, but what exactly happened during the day?

The Ceremony started with a splendid performance by the Conservatory of Turin, followed by the the greetings from Greta Gasperoni, President of BEST Politecnico di Torino, Monika Dziembowska the EBEC Coordinator, Marco Tuccio the Project Manager and Elisa Armando from the International Mobility Office of Politecnico di Torino. 

Later on, the partner companies FCA, AvioAero, ABB, Danieli, Škoda and Eaton presented themselves to the students, interspersed by a new exhibition of the Conservatory and some break to let students, organizers and companies get to know each other, take some picture in the photo area and enjoy the meals. 

BEST students proved that EBEC and the network itself is not only about working and meeting companies, as far as motivation and inspiration lead them and in the same way that they wanted to motivate and inspire the people at the event, through the speech of Enrico Risi, head of enterprise sales EMEA at Chronicle: 

“A few things we can control in our life, our goals are a part of those. Overshoot if you want to land somewhere good.”

His invitation to set high goals for our lives was only a part of his speech, which was followed by the knowledge fair, where the students had the chance to share and increase their knowledge talking with local Start ups and different realities, delighted by a wonderful musical company. 

A lot of feelings and experience already happened, but there still is a lot to come.

In conclusion, I would like to greet the readers with the definition of “compete” suggested by Risi:

“Challenge yourself and support others who are striving to be their best.”