New and old mixed in the second day: a new challenge for the Case Study and the old one for the Team Design.

AvioAero invited the students to a reflection: hybrid systems are booming in cars but not really used in aerospace, hence the teams had to present such a hybrid system but for planes taking into account as many details as possible.

As usually, the suggested solutions included brilliant ideas and interesting hints for the company. 

Finally, after 2 working days, the Team Design participants had the possibility to show their prototypes to Danieli Officine Meccaniche, demonstrating high inventice and creativity, helped by the possibility of printing components in 3D thanks to Fabula 3d and the technical support of Meccano.

We wish all the participants good luck and encourage them to keep with the creativity and productivity showed so far!

Stay tuned for the next challenges, where the students will be able to design the future, today.