We are close to the end of the Final Round of EBEC, the last day of competition and the last chance of this event for the participants to prove they are the best engineers in Europe.

Today, last but not least, our students are working to complete Škoda’s task, which guaranteed us an astonishing show during the prototypes’ tests as well as the exposition of brilliant solutions and prove of competences and skills.

The task, as mentioned in the previous article, was about building a robot capable of extinguish several fires, simulating a fire in a factory plant.

In the meanwhile, Eaton come for the third time in a row at the Final Round of EBEC, bringing one of the problems they are facing right now in engineering level and commercialisation.

The participants had to define a start up, complete with vision and commercial plan and propose a viable solution to solve a problem related to a well defined street, Corso Francia, one of the biggest and most crowded of Turin, for the reduction of queues and emission of greenhouse gases.

The challenges are over for this edition of EBEC, but it is not over with you. Stay tuned tomorrow to find out who are the winners of each task and the general ones. Stay tuned to know the BEST engineers of Europe!