About BEST

Board of European Students of Technology


BEST is a non-profit, non-political, non-representative students’ organisation aiming to provide communication, cooperation and exchange possibilities for students of technology since 1989. BEST is present in 90 technical universities from 31 countries making it a creative, dynamic, innovative, constantly growing and well-organised network of students. We strive to help students become more internationally minded and provide a platform for mutual understanding between different cultures and societies.

Our activities support the personal development of students and facilitate interactions between students, universities and companies. We do this by providing career support and organising academic courses, engineering competitions, educational symposia and many other events.

BEST enables students to develop their professional careers by connecting them to leading companies and universities. Every year we organise hundreds of career fairs all over Europe. Additionally, we have developed an online career centre where students can submit their CVs and receive newsletters with information about special career or study programmes.

BEST has been organising academic courses since 1991. We organise over 90 short-term courses all over Europe for around 2000 students every year on topics that span most technology fields. During these courses, University professors and industry experts give lectures that often involve case studies, practical work and visits to companies and institutions. At the end of the course the students take part in an examination and also receive a certificate. Students have the possibility to receive ECTS credits for attending BEST Courses.

BEST is deeply committed to providing opportunities for students to express their opinion and talk about their education. BEST collaborates with other NGOs (EESTEC, ESTIES, CFES, AEGEE and bonding) and has the institutional partners (IGIP, IFEES, UNESCO and SEFI). BEST members attend conferences organised by our partners in order to be in touch with new methods in engineering education as well as to present the work done in BEST. Every year we organise Events on Education that gather BEST members, representatives of educational projects and universities. During these events, students take part in discussions where they can share their ideas on educational matters.

BEST has been organising engineering competitions since 2003 as a way to develop the competencies of future engineers. During these events, teams of students are challenged to use their creativity, knowledge, social and communication skills to solve a given problem in a limited amount of time. Every year BEST organises the biggest European wide engineering competition, EBEC – European BEST Engineering Competition.