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What is EBEC?

European BEST Engineering Competition (EBEC) is a 3 level, team-based competition, in 2 categories – Innovative Design or Team Design and Case Study.

In Innovative Designs, the competitors should combine their creativity and knowledge to develop new technological designs or improve upon existing ones. Their professional presentation should demonstrate the technical, social, environmental, and economic impact of their design.

In Team Design teams are solving tasks within a limited time and limited availability of materials. The desired outcome is a device that has to perform the needed actions.

In Case Study category contestants need to provide a solution to a technical or a management problem and to present the outcome they came up with.

Teams are composed of 4 students from technology fields, regardless of the status of their degree, and tasks they’re solving are provided by BEST and company partners. The team which proves to be the most efficient, creative and successful solution at the end of the Final Round of EBEC is granted by “BEST Engineers of Europe” title.

EBEC project begins every year with the first Local Round of EBEC that is organized in Europe, followed by other Local Rounds as well as National/Regional Rounds, and reaches its end in the Final Round – an event that is organised at the end of July.

The winning teams from Local Rounds progress to National/Regional Rounds and the winning teams from National and Regional Rounds are competing in the Final Round of EBEC.

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