COVID-19 measures

2020-2021 edition

Safety measures

COVID-19 led to the cancellation of many different EBEC events during 2020, the Final Round of EBEC included.

For the current edition, we revised the competition categories in order to establish a contingency plan for when events would have to move online. We are monitoring  the situation closely and very committed to safeguarding public health by any means, which we want to transmit in this section.

On this page, you will find up-to-date information regarding the decisions taken for EBEC events, as they are taken once the evolution of the virus is more clear and time advances.

For any concerns you might have, feel free to contact us, by following the contact page of this website. We are at your disposal, anytime.

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The EBEC Team

The Local Rounds, spread across Europe, are assessed for each city’s conditions, and the majority of the Local Rounds are happening in an online format, in order to deliver the competition to the students without risking lives.

When it comes to National and Regional Rounds, some of them are already planned as an  online format, while others are being assessed in order to decide with enough time margin to adapt the event if needed. The period in which they are happening is around May, so we still do not know how the situation will be like in Europe after some months of active vaccination. What we do know is that we want them to happen safely, no matter what.

Lastly, the Final Round of EBEC, scheduled for the second half of July in Madrid, will be closely monitored. Since half a year is still ahead of its organisation, the situation is currently assessed dynamically, meaning that every evolution of the pandemic is taken into account. Having said that, and even though the original aim is to have fought the pandemic, we will move the event into an online format if the safety of participants, organisers and partners cannot be guaranteed. We can assure that neither this event nor this edition of EBEC will become a source of an outbreak of COVID-19 by any means, and we will do anything necessary to avoid it.

The pandemic evolution remains uncertain, and the effectiveness of vaccination is still not improving daily life in several European countries. Therefore, the Local Rounds of EBEC which have happened or the ones that are happening in a close future are mostly taking place in an online environment. The only exceptions are cities in which the situation is controlled enough and the government allows live events, following the sanitary measures enforced in the city at all times.

The National and Regional Rounds of EBEC proceed with their planning, again their majority in an online scenario, even if at first they were planned to happen live. The ones aiming to have a live event are developing the online option in parallel to adapt agile if the situation requires it.

For the Final Round of EBEC, given the complexity of the event but also the distance in time, three scenarios are being developed simultaneously: live, online and hybrid. All of the scenarios are accounting for measures ensuring safety. The decision on the final format will be made in April, when the full adaptation towards one option will happen and the work done until now can be used without rushing the preparations.

The pandemic is being closely monitored, and the evolution of the numbers is driving our predictions. As we cannot be certain of the situation at the end of July, we are developing an online scenario in parallel with the rest of them, to be safeguarded towards any possible evolution of the pandemic.