Humans of EBEC

Alex Bellos

"I’m most proud of my team, Topicantes. Neither for their skills, nor the workload we had to deal with in order to deliver topics of high quality."

Timea Izsak

"I’ve realized that volunteering on such a high scale is really preparing you for what comes next and the challenges I’ve met along the journey were definitely pushing myself beyond my limits."

Thomas Uyttendaele

"EBEC brings the best engineers from all over Europe together and challenges them. With a true team spirit, they give everything they can during 4 competition days and solve the problems in ingenious ways."

Pedro Oliveira

"Human Relations can move the world. Knowledge can be taught. Experience can be gained. But attitude, character and personality gives us the power to do our job better than anything, which, coupled with others, will empower us to do more and be better."

Bogi Duray

"EBEC is a huge event, a fantastic chance for both participants and organizers to get out of their comfort zones, test their limits and show their talent. "

Filippo Di Iorio

That nothing is impossible. For example volunteers from all over Europe, organising the biggest engineering competition in the old continent. We made it possible. We are continuing to make it possible. We will make it possible forever.

Martin Egrt

"I am proud of the people from Brno, all the international organizers and how much effort, time and money they invested in this event. Honestly, the result was one the most satisfying things that one can witness when working on a project for more than a year."

Mariana Silva

"For me, EBEC means empowerment. It means the opportunity of getting to work with people from different countries, with different backgrounds, cultures and values that gather for the unique purpose of giving students from all over Europe the opportunity to prove themselves in an international context."

Walid G. H. Saad

"I learned that when you volunteer and invest your time and energy for the improvement of others, you most definitely are the first one to feel the impact: skills, friends, improvement, fun, and gratitude!"