Timea Izsak

Timea Izsak

LBG Cluj-Napoca

Corporate Relations Coordinator – EBEC Final 2017

What does EBEC mean to you?

Due to its complexity, EBEC is definitely not just an event you are part of for a year – regardless your position (participant, organizer, partner), this one-of-a-kind experience gives you as much as you are ready to take from being part of it. 
EBEC for me had different meanings at different points of its development, but now I can easily admit that EBEC is a powerful service BEST should be proud of and should further develop for its next generations in order to be always one step closer for reaching its potential – because once being directly involved on the pyramid’s highest level, you get the great chance to understand its gratitude even more than ever – and it’s still not the complete picture.

When you look back at event, what are you most proud of?

I am first of all proud of what students can do for other students only by volunteering. EBEC Final Brno would have never been the same without having all of us collaborating in the best way we could and I am sure that the passion, commitment, international mindset and eagerness for a high quality experience for its all stakeholders were only a few things we have brought together and made it priceless. This way, new practices were also arisen and I am very proud of what we were able to achieve by collaborating with a big number of universities that year. 
There were definitely ups and downs in the process, but there is nothing you have to be afraid of when being part of a well-shaped team, which values human interaction just as you do – they will always have your back when needed and their support, friendship and leadership skills will always make it easier and pleasant – Yes, this is about my lovely Breakfast Club! <3

How did organizing EBEC Final helped your personal development?

Well, it definitely helped me in many many ways.
At the very beginning, EBEC was a huge contributor for self-motivation in terms of other parallel commitments taken back then. Therefore, I am now able to deal with it in a very natural way and it feels easy to take the most out of each experience along the way.
Just a few months later, EBEC was an incredible surprise in terms of working with different nationalities. I can still recall our very first live meeting in Brno and the way we were able to interact after months of online meetings. It was a pleasant confirmation that I am part of something truly grandiose. Working with these kind of teams in the future is really something to consider and to not forget about.
Moreover, EBEC has not only helped in shaping a mindset for always achieving “a meaningful more”, but has also brought a lot of confidence on board while practicing new ideas. It is now easier to make my voice heard because great things are happening as a result of collaboration when you are not afraid of trying.
In addition, I believe that I had the great opportunity to enlarge my understanding in terms of how the world of external relations work. Since it has always captured my attention, the motivation coming from this process is still on fire for future steps in my career path.

What is the most important thing you learned during the organization of EBEC Final?

I’ve realized that volunteering on such a high scale is really preparing you for what comes next and the challenges I’ve met along the journey were definitely pushing myself beyond my limits.
I’ve learned that ethic, equal treatment, respect and appreciation are crucial in any kind of collaboration and proper communication methods can always help us in shaping a better environment for the projects we are working for.
When these are fully mutual and are meeting the humans inside us, the event becomes personal and priceless – and the very strong connections that made it easier, now are just called friendships that could last forever <3

EBEC is coming. Is everything ready?

Right now, you should know a lot of information about EBEC, the local rounds, the national rounds and  the “humans” who have been part of it, but what does the Final Round of EBEC mean from a closer look?

If we think about it, now less than 20 days are missing to the event and people from the whole network are still working on it. More than 80 students from all over Europe are dealing with exams and private life just like everyone else, but in the meanwhile they find the time to proactively organize this huge event. 

Even while I am writing this, the Media Team is managing the promotion, keeping constantly in touch with all the Local Groups, the Topic Group is testing the subjects of the competition, the FR Group is constantly communicating with the partner companies, making any possible effort to satisfy all their needs in the best possible way and all the members of BEST Turin are dealing with logistics and making sure that the Final Round of EBEC will be the most enjoyable of all times.

How is this even thinkable? How could a group of students spread over Europe gather multinational companies and 120 participants from several universities in a single, immense event while studying for exams and without even meeting in person?

The answer is easy: MOTIVATION, PROACTIVITY AND WILLINGNESS OF IMPROVING ARE OUR STRENGHTS. The history taught us that, all together, we can achieve everything and, as Filippo Di Iorio, Photographer for EBEC Final 2017 and PR Coordinator of EBEC Final 2019, said: 

“[The most important thing I learnt from EBEC is] That nothing is impossible. For example volunteers from all over Europe, organising the biggest engineering competition in the old continent. We made it possible. We are continuing to make it possible. We will make it possible forever.”

We are ready, what about you?